The performances themselves are all excellent: the Claremonts have obviously invested themselves in this music deeply and play it from a place of deep knowledge and expressive security. As such, the album stands as a shining testament to their adeptness as an ensemble as well as their curiosity as musicians. To be sure, this is a release that makes one excited for the group’s next twenty years.
—The Arts Fuse

Pure perfection
—Palm Beach Daily News

With performances of this quality, the Claremont Trio can justifiably be considered one of America's finest young chamber groups.

These are some of the most impassioned, moving, and notable readings of these favorites that I have ever heard, bar none. I am especially picky about the Beethoven, one of my favorites and to this point best projected by the legendary Istomin-Stern-Rose Trio. But the Claremont has their measure fully, and this is something I never thought I would say… Absolutely brilliant readings of these two works, now among the best on disc.
—Audiophile Audition

Their exuberant performance and gutsy repertoire… was the kind of fresh approach that keeps chamber music alive.
—Cincinnati Enquirer

They play with passion and precision, and they had all the power to carry the great tidal wave of Brahms' final movement. It says even more for them that they made quieter passages in both works as interesting as the climaxes.
—Boston Globe

The recording is ideal… and the playing is uniformly lovely. I know of no finer recording of the Beethoven, and this one stands with the best classic versions of the Brahms.

What a joy to hear two fine musicians who have played together almost all their lives, and are identical twins to boot! Andrea Lam, who joined them first for the Gardner concert, has fully integrated her playing into theirs.
—Boston Musical Intelligencer

The Claremont Trio pulled out all the stops for the first movement delivering one of the most intense I have ever heard… The second movement was polished and beautifully balanced while the lighter-than-air scherzo really took wing. This was Felix at his most irresistible. The energy of the first movement was harnessed to forge an overwhelming climax. Brava!
—Classical Voice of North Carolina

Vital, imaginative playing…an extremely auspicious debut.

Indeed, the Claremonts thoroughly engage the listener on a plane marked by a complete grasp of musical ideas coupled with an intensely unwavering focus. Their performance took us a long, long way. It was remarkable.
—Boston Musical Intelligencer

A thoroughly delightful recording.
—CD Hot List

The freshest breath of air in the world of chamber music today.
—Naples Daily News

The Claremont Trio is the way classical music should be played: soulful, passionate, yielding, discerning, evocative and informative. It is no wonder this talented threesome is paving a new avenue of brilliance and innovation for the new millennium.

One could hardly ask for a more ravishing performance.
—Albuquerque Journal

Enlightening, riveting, and just plain fun to watch.
—Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The Claremont's performances all evening were astonishingly polished and expressive, but also probing.
—Dallas Morning News

The Claremont Trio thrillingly captures the changeability of the outer movements… the scherzos go off like champagne corks.
—Strad Magazine

… it was a hugely enjoyable reading, tight in its teamwork, individual in its solos and gung-ho in mood.
—Orange County Register

The Claremont Trio… can captivate an audience with their surprising combination of technical brilliance and interpretive sensitivity
—Buffalo News

The program had everything for a chamber music lover.
—Cape Cod Times

The Claremont threesome… plays with astonishing facility and ensemble precision. Beethoven would have beamed on their performance of his Op. 1, No. 1, which unfolded in velvety tones and featured extraordinary timing (I think their hearts beat together).
—Washington Post

An appearance that will be remembered for a very long time.
—Allentown Morning Call

Here is a group that restores every listener's faith that chamber music is very much alive and has a vital future.
—Berryessa Sun

Performances that are deft, exhilarating, and imaginative
—Strings Magazine

The Claremont Trio—a delightful personification of very real musical passion and virtuosity—set the house afire.
—MusicWeb International

"It is immediately clear that the performers are early masters of touch, taste and tone: fun and forceful as required and always lead by the music rather than falling into the trap (so like the narcissistic approach of a few) of favouring sound over substance... Superb on all fronts"
—James Wegg Review